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Questions to consider discussing with Mentors


Is it better to work in a private practice, start own, or work in a hospital?

How is the Affordable Care Act changing the medical field?

What are the pros and cons?

What is the most important qualification to get into a top medical school? 


Where is the future of finance going?

What is the best area of finance to go into?

Where do you see cryptocurrency going?  



Where do you see the future of education going?

Do you feel the schools will become mixed mode -- i.e. online and in person?

What will colleges look like in the future?

Will teachers be working from home?

How will this change affect my career path?

Will it increase salaries or make it less lucrative?



How will the future of the media be after all of this bad publicity with "fake news"?

Will it be more difficult to enter this field? 



Are there any artistic avenues that are just now beginning to be explored?

How will the arts change with new technology and possible AI getting more involved in making it?


What are the different ways that you can open up a business in today's world?

What is the best way to market products?

What are angel investors looking for?

How do you get to find and then pitch to a VC your idea?

What are VC's looking for and what is the process?

What key performance indicators are ones to focus on in order to make sure you are successful?


What skill sets are needed to be stellar in this field?

Where can this field lead you to?

How is technology going to affect this field?

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